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The Valuation Process:

1 Submit Your Property Details

Begin your valuation journey by filling out our simple online form. Provide essential details about your property, such as location, size, and unique features. This information is crucial for our initial assessment.

Once we receive your details, we assign one of our experienced agents to your case. Our agents are well-versed in Marbella’s property market and use their expertise to start the valuation process.

2 Agent Assignment

3 Market Research

Your assigned agent conducts thorough market research, comparing your property with similar properties currently on the market and those sold recently. This step ensures a well-rounded understanding of where your property stands in the current market scenario.

Based on the collected data, we provide you with a preliminary valuation report. This report offers an estimated value of your property, reflecting current market trends and the unique aspects of your home.

4 Preliminary Valuation Report

5 In-Depth Valuation (Optional)

If you’re considering selling your property, we offer an optional in-depth valuation service. This includes an on-site visit to your property, professional photography, and a detailed analysis of your property’s condition and features, leading to a more precise valuation.


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