The term ‘Hutan’, Indonesian for ‘forest’, is at the heart of our ethos. These villas are inspired by this very concept, envisioning a haven where the serenity and verdant beauty of a forest blend seamlessly with the sophistication of contemporary living.

This unique fusion creates an environment that is not only tranquil but also elegantly modern, offering an unparalleled living experience. Our villas, named ‘Lombok’ and ‘Atauro’, perfectly encapsulate this philosophy. These residences are more than just structures; they are a testament to a lifestyle in sync with nature. The timeless allure of the forest is reflected in every aspect of their design, offering a living space that is both invigorating and opulent. At Hutan Estates, we extend an invitation to you to embrace a way of life where the calm of the natural world and the luxury of modern design exist in harmonious balance.

Villa Lombok

Inspired by its namesake, the serene Indonesian island of Lombok, known for its stunning natural beauty and tranquil ambience, Villa Lombok is a haven of peace and luxury. This exquisite villa blends the island’s spirit of peaceful retreat with the pinnacle of modern living.

Within its walls, Villa Lombok features four master bedrooms, each boasting its own balcony, offering private vistas of the surrounding golf landscape.

Positioned on the first lane of a premier golf course, it offers exclusive access to world-class golfing – a nod to Lombok’s harmonious blend of leisure and nature. The private swimming pool and a spacious roof terrace serve as personal retreats for leisure, echoing the island’s coastal allure.

Villa Lombok is not just a residence; it’s a lifestyle choice, promising a serene escape in the lap of luxury, reminiscent of the peaceful and rejuvenating spirit of Lombok Island

Villa Atauro

Drawing inspiration from the tranquil Indonesian island of Atauro, known for its breathtaking natural scenery and peaceful atmosphere, Villa Atauro stands as a sanctuary of calm and opulence. This magnificent villa captures the essence of Atauro’s serene retreat spirit, marrying it with the heights of modern luxury living.

Villa Atauro is designed with four master bedrooms, each featuring its own balcony. These private spaces offer stunning views of the encompassing golf landscape, enhancing the villa’s serene ambiance. Strategically located on the first lane of a premier golf course, Villa Atauro provides unrivaled access to top-tier golfing facilities, reflecting Atauro’s perfect harmony of leisure and natural beauty. The villa boasts a private swimming pool and an expansive roof terrace, offering secluded spots for relaxation and leisure, reminiscent of Atauro Island’s enchanting coastal charm.

Villa Atauro is more than a home; it’s a choice for a lifestyle that epitomizes a tranquil escape in the midst of luxury, capturing the peaceful and rejuvenating essence of Atauro Island.

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